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Prepare Your Cloud Budget Process

Free 30 minute webinar on 13th of June 2023 at 11-11:30 AM


How do I get “cloud” to fit into my normal budgeting process?

According to Gartner 60% of companies expect cost overruns on their cloud budget.

So, if you feel uncertain about the growth of next years cloud cost and how to fit it into the budgeting proces - know that you’re not alone.

If cloud costs are becoming a material part of your cost base that warrants your attention, then you need a process to build your budget – which is what this webinar will give you.

Join the webinar “Prepare your cloud budget process” to avoid budget overruns, time wasted dealing with this and benefit from 10-25% savings compared to not doing this.


In the webinar we’ll cover 3 relevant questions so you can prepare your cloud budget process:

  1. How do I get numbers on the key systems / budget units?

Understand what is driving the development in cost.

  1. How do I analyze the growth factors (organic and project pressure)?

Prepare a data driven budget process.

  1. How do I assess the savings potential?

Execute the budget process with an action-oriented plan.


The webinar is for budget owners and budget process owners within IT and finance, and we will give you the necessary arguments to get both IT, finance and the rest of the business on board.

It is specifically targeted towards enterprise companies with a cloud spend of 5 million or more DKK a year.

Sign up today to:

  • Avoid cost overruns
  • Avoid time wasted dealing with this
  • Benefit from 10-25% savings compared to not doing this